Butch Jones: New Beginnings

From Grand Valley State University,to Central Michigan University,then to the University of Cincinnati, recently hired Tennessee

Tennessee Head Coach Butch Jones

Tennessee Head Coach Butch Jones

Volunteer head coach Butch Jones has follow in the footsteps of now Notre Dame Fighting Irish head coach Brian Kelly. Butch Jones was hired earlier this offseason by the University of Tennessee to turn around their downed program that was once very prosperous. Hopefully Butch Jones will be able to put the Volunteers back on the map as a powerhouse that produces strong players in years to come. I’m interested to see how well Butch Jones will do without Brian Kelly leading the way for him. Kelly was very good at starting programs from the ground up, now its Jones turn to show how well he can do without Kelly piling up top recruits. Personally, some of my family members knew jones well and he seemed like a very fine man. Best wishes to newly hired Butch Jones and the Tennessee Volunteer football team this season.


Murray vs. McCarron

Two of the most highly touted quarterbacks for this falls college football season are Georgia Bulldogs Quarterback Aaron Murray, and Alabama Crimson Tide Quarterback, A.J. McCarron. Both of these Quarterbacks will be leading some of the best teams of the country come fall, but who do you think is better,Murray,or McCarron? McCarron may have several National Championships, but does he have what it takes to be a top performer on the next level?These questions should all be answered this fall. One of the reasons I think McCarron has been more successful in college is because he doesn’t have to lead the team as much as someone like

Alabama Quarterback A.J. McCarron

Alabama Quarterback A.J. McCarron

Aaron Murray does. McCarron has players surrounding him like Eddie Lacy and Trent Richardson to hand the ball to. Some of the receivers around him included Julio Jones and Amari Cooper. Murray has had to bear more of the team on his shoulders. He has had play-maker’s surrounding him with AJ Green. Green was a great player in college, but he doesn’t really compare with the amount of talent that McCarron has had by his side throughout his college career.I think that Murray will have more success on the next level. I look forward to seeing each of these leaders square off in more than likely another SEC Championship game, and maybe even a National Championship come Fall.

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Bruschi,Testaverde Lead 2013 Hall of Fame Inductees

The college football Hall of Fame is not quite like the rest. Many players that probably should have been inducted, actually weren’t, and some players that have been inducted, probably shouldn’t have made it. With all the rule changes when players could leave for the NFL from players having to be seniors, to now only having to be in college for three years to be eligible. Many of the older players would have their breakout seasons as a Senior.The new players didn’t even wait for their senior season to declare for the draft. Should some of the players who went into the NFL Draft as a underclassmen be inducted into the Hall of Fame for what they could have been in their Senior season?

Here is a list of this years College Football Hall of Fame Inductees:college-football-hall-oF-fame

Ted Brown, North Carolina State running back (1975-78)

Tedy BruschiArizona defensive end (1992-95)

Ron Dayne, Wisconsin running back (1996-99)

Tommie FrazierNebraska quarterback (1992-95)

Jerry Gray, Texas defensive back (1981-84)

Steve MeilingerKentucky defensive end (1951-53)

Orlando PaceOhio State tackle (1994-96)

Rod ShoateOklahoma linebacker (1972-74)

Percy SnowMichigan State linebacker (1986-89)

Vinny TestaverdeMiami quarterback (1982-86)

Don TrullBaylor quarterback (1961-63)

Danny Wuerffel, Florida quarterback (1993-96)

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Thomas Wants out of FSU

Rivals top 25 recruit Matthew Thomas wants out of Florida State University after choosing to play for the Seminoles in

All-American linebacker Matthew Thomas

All-American linebacker Matthew Thomas

February. Thomas is a five-star recruit who is now looking at the University of Georgia,or University of Southern California (USC)Florida State could possibly not allow Thomas to be released from the scholarship which would mean that he would have to play for the Seminoles.I doubt that the school would actually do this though because when your 18 years old and your surrounded with so much hype, the decisions are going to be tough and Thomas believes that he made the wrong decision.Thomas is the number one ranked outside linebacker in the 2013 recruiting class.Thomas is from Booker T. Washington High School in Miami. It surprises me that he would not want to go to a school like the University of Miami so that he could stay close to home and he could play with other talented players such as Ray Lewis III. I don’t blame Thomas for wanting to be released from his scholarship at Florida State because who would want to play for a school that they don’t like playing for?Thomas said he originally had signed with Florida State because his mom said that they were a good school and that is where she wanted him to go.I look forward to seeing where this talented young man ends up playing college football.


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Tuscaloosa Title Town Repeat?

The Crimson Tide Celebrating their National Championship in January

The Crimson Tide Celebrating their National Championship in January

Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide look to be the top ranked team once again as the 2013 season approaches.In every college football ranking for the 2013 season that I’ve seen, the only team to stay consistently at number 1 are the Crimson Tide. The Tide are almost always considered at the top but with the players and coaches that they have, how can they not be? You will almost hardly ever see the Crimson Tide play a bad game and that’s what makes them nearly unstoppable. They have the best coaches in college football that know how to prepare them to stop any type of offense, and run through any type of defense. The first few games of the 2013-2014 season are going to be interesting in the trenches; Alabama lost several key players from their offensive line to this years draft including a few All-Americans.

The 2-5 spots have been shuffling around a little bit.I have seen Oregon at any spot between 2-5 and even sixth on some of the polls. I have also seen The Georgia bulldogs in the mix for the top few spots in the rankings. The Stanford Cardinal, and the Ohio State Buckeyes, along with “Johnny Football” and the Texas A&M Aggies have been in a significant amount of polls. These polls don’t mean anything at the start of the season obviously, but this gives people something to do out of season when there isn’t so much going on.


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Fisher Goes Number 1

The number 1 overall selection in last weeks NFL Draft Eric Fisher from Central Michigan University

The number 1 overall selection in last weeks NFL Draft Eric Fisher from Central Michigan University

Eric Fisher, from Rochester Stoney Creek was selected number 1 overall in this past weeks NFL Draft.Fisher wasn’t even a high school linemen until his senior year.Fisher played Linebacker and Quarterback his first three years in high school and only changed to becoming a linemen because he mentioned that he would like to play college football.Many thought that this was a far-fetched goal because he had never even been in a three-point stance before,but Fisher took quickly and

became a standout. At the start of Fishers career, he was hardly scouted by college teams and was only offered scholarships by Central Michigan, and Eastern Michigan. Fisher obviously chose Central Michigan and his college career took off. Fishers first three years at Central proved to be building blocks for his senior season, A

Eric Fisher in High School

Eric Fisher in High School

senior season in which many will remember. When Fisher started his senior season, his coaches knew that he was going to be a leader. As the season took off, Fisher was climbing in the rankings nationally to be one of the best offensive linemen in the country. Fisher was starting to be talked about with guys such as Luke Joekel, and Lane Johnson, Offensive tackles from much larger schools from better conferences like Oklahoma. By the end of the Season, Fisher was one of the top well-known prospects for the 2013 NFL Draft in April. During the senior bowl and the practices leading up to it, the only person that Fisher lost a one on one blocking drill with was former UCLA Defensive end Datone Jones.Jones was selected in the first round by the Packers. Fishers draft stock was rising between his performances at the NFL Combine, and his performance at the Senior Bowl. Fisher was invited to the Radio City Music Hall for the 2013 NFL draft and was selected number 1 Overall by the Kansas City Chiefs. Fisher is the first ever player to be drafted number 1 from the Mid-American Conference and was only the second MAC player to be drafted in the first round.

Gurshall Tandem Geared for Fall

Bulldog Speedback Keith Marshall

Bulldog Speedback Keith Marshall

I’m not sure if there’s a better running back tandem in the country that is better than that of the Georgia Bulldogs in Todd Gurley  and Keith Marshall. Gurley brings the bull back and the power to the Bulldogs and Marshall brings the speed and quickness. Don’t

Bulldog Powerback Todd Gurley

Bulldog Powerback Todd Gurley

fool yourself, if you think that all Gurley will do is run you over and fall forward,watch out, he has some surprisingly good speed. Marshall doesn’t shy away from running you over either.If you think that Alabama‘s running back tandem between Lacy and Yeldon was strong last year, this year the two-headed beast, Gurshall, should be able to top them.If you want to watch some smash mouth football, the Georgia vs. Alabama game will be a game you should make sure to watch. With the Gurshall machine, and All-American Quarterback Aaron Murray the Bulldogs may be the team to stop the Alabama Crimson Tide. Could last years SEC Title game be this years National Championship? If both teams go into the SEC Title game this coming year undefeated, I personally don’t believe that there shouldn’t be a reason both these teams shouldn’t play each other in the end. I look forward to seeing how these players play this season.